Monday, November 30, 2015

2015 End-of-Year Fundraiser

Helping Those In Need

The Helius Foundation needs your help. Helius is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit that works with Necessity-Driven Entrepreneurs (NDEs). These are individuals who are unable to find traditional, living wage employment. Reasons can range from job seekers being long-time veterans, single parents with limited available hours, the undereducated, people with minor criminal records, or individuals from lower socio-economic backgrounds who lack the social networks needed to find well-paying jobs. These individuals create work for themselves through entrepreneurship.

NDE's like James. James is a single father, with a 6 year old daughter named Tasha. He worked in the maintenance department at a local hospital for 11 years, before he was laid off. He has no college degree. For the past year he’s has been struggling to find work. Instead of waiting around for a hand out, James started a business that builds residential fences. But his business is not doing well. According to James, one morning before he went to work, he made his daughter three sandwiches. He told her they needed to last her all day. James, in the meantime, ate nothing.

James is one of many NDEs. Among all entrepreneurs in the United States, 15% of them are NDEs, and these numbers are expected to increase by another 6.6% in the coming years.  And with Durham’s on-going entrepreneurial explosion there are more NDEs than ever, many of whom will be left behind without assistance.
How Can You Help?
You can support these men and women who wake up every morning and fight to provide a life for their families. Like you, they want healthier food options and better healthcare. Like you, they fight to provide an education for their children so that they don’t have to fight these same battles when they reach adulthood.
Just click on the link below to be taken to our CommitChange Campaign.

About Us
The Helius Mentorship Program provides all of the services that any business owner needs in order to create a sustainable business. We provide the same level of mentoring and coaching that you would demand for your own business. And we do so at no cost to the NDEs in our program! This includes one-on-one coaching sessions, free training seminars, and business development tools needed to take an NDE’s business from the idea phase to a fully-operational, self-sustaining business that earns a fair living wage.

But we can’t do it without you.

We Need Your Help
Tax deductible donations of as little as $25 and $50 can provide a month of coaching for a local NDE. Donations of $100 to $500 can help in marketing and licensing of NDE businesses. Just click on the link below. Donating takes less than a minute. All donations come with the seasonal newsletter, including updates and profiles for the Program Participants so that you can see exactly what your donations have provided!

Thank you in advance for your support. By donating to the Mentorship Program, you are giving struggling NDEs a fighting chance. You are providing them with the chance to support themselves and their families with dignity, despite race, education or financial upbringing.


Geraud Staton
Executive Director
The Helius Foundation

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